On this section of the website, we provide you with relevant documentation on the issue of hate crimes. You can find studies and articles we are working with, as well as the results of the research we are conducting. As they are still ongoing, we will regularly update this content.

National Report SHELTER – SPAIN

Leaded by the Faculty of Social Sciences in Talavera de la Reina, at the University of Castilla – La Mancha, the European SHELTER project seeks to support and advise victims of hate violence through the health system. It is a pioneering project in Spain and Europe. An interdisciplinary team from the University of Castilla – La Mancha and the Llere Social and Educational Association, made up of anthropologists, social workers, social educators, nurses and sociologists, have participated in its design and execution.

Using a mixed methodology that combines quantitative (questionnaires to health professionals) and qualitative (interviews with health professionals and victims of hate violence) research techniques, the research has been carried out in three territories – Castilla-La Mancha, Madrid and Cataluña – and in three services – hospital emergencies, primary care health centres and out-of-hospital emergencies.

The results and conclusions incorporate the experience and perspective of health professionals and victims, complementing the official data available on the prevalence of hate crimes in Spain. Recommendations are provided on how to improve the health and psychosocial care of victims, the reporting of violence, communication between health institutions and law enforcement bodies.


Law enforcement problems in hate crime procedures. The experiences of the Working Group Against Hate Crimes in Hungary

In this report the NGO coalition Working Group Against Hate Crimes in Hungary provides a detailed analysis of 24 hate crime cases that happened in Hungary between 2009 and 2013 to identify systemic failures of Hungarian law enforcement and criminal justice agencies.


Bibliography on hate crimes in Hungary

The Working Group Against Hate Crimes in Hungary maintains an online database of reports and scientific publications on hate crimes written in Hungarian or about Hungary. The database contains over 250 publications, many with links to full-text.


Hate crimes in Hungary. Problems, recommendations, good practices

The report prepared by three Hungarian NGOs provides a comprehensive picture of hate crimes and their management by state actors in Hungary, as well as of the barriers that hinder an effective response to them. The report is based on interviews with representatives of state institutions; NGOs and members of vulnerable groups at risk of becoming victims of hate crimes. Based on the research the report contains 72 recommendations for the government and public bodies.


Hate crime laws and legislation in Cyprus