Networking to support victims with a “Stop Hate Damages” membership certificate.


Finally, this last SHELTER work package seeks to create a Network of Health institution for Supporting Victims of Hate Crime at Health System.

It consists in establishing new ways of collaboration and networking between hospitals, health centres, enforcement bodies, support networks for the victims of hate crimes, organizations and communities.

The network will be linked to an online platform whose member institutions will receive a certificate for implementing and developing the detection, training and fighting against hate crimes (“STOP HATE DAMAGES”). This will allow victims to identify places where they are sure to be received and cared for according to their needs.

It is also a continuation of the Dissemination work package because it will try to disseminate the project approach, results and outputs to stakeholders (National and European level) and to the general public.
Eventually, an international conference will be organized in order to share the results and outputs of the project and to reunite representatives of the diverse institutions, organizations and victims who took part into the project. These tools are also part of the logic of disseminating the project’s approach, results and outputs to stakeholders on a national and European level and to the general public.

Another field of work is related to the establishment of tools for detecting and reporting hate crimes when victims reach the health system (protocols) and useful guidelines for health institutions and staff in order to detect and report hate crimes and to improve the care of victims.