Raising awareness

Dissemination, communication, awareness raising.

This work package seeks to facilitate the access of victims to protection, assistance, and specialised support resources by disseminating information about hate crimes and raising awareness of this issue relevant to society as a whole.

We also aim to spread the project and its results to raise awareness among stakeholders and the general public. This website is one of our tools to disseminate information about hate crimes to potential victims and to victims themselves. We carry awareness raising activities such as events, publication of leaflets, posters and articles. They are available for victims; stakeholders and the general public.

This work is based on our strong belief that information is the first step to empower victims to report and denounce. In addition, awareness is a prevention tool that also allows for a better understanding and support of victims by the whole society and the institutions who protect human beings and prosecute crimes.

4 raising awareness activities should be implemented in each country by the consortium. You can consult information about the activities below.

You can consult the material with relevant information for victims and stakeholders in the following links.